Formula One

If you are looking to drive in Formula 1, you have got to be prepared. In a typical Formula 1 race the teams pit two, four and six times depending on how fast they go and the finish position they last. During the pits the teams switch off their engines and the cars come out of the pits one by one to start the race. Each car in the race should be started one at a time so it is not a race to exploit other team’s position. After each car has been started once it is removed from the grid and rejoined in the race.

For the most part these cars are run on electric power, so the team must be able to produce the most electric power without any back grounding to the battery. This means the driver needs to know when he needs to change the battery, for example when it is low on charge or when the engine is dying. Otherwise the team cannot change its strategy and try something different in a race which is very dangerous and could result in a disaster.

The cars in a Formula One race need to follow a set pattern and track layout. This is to ensure the cars do not miss out on any opportunities to move up the track and gain an advantage. It is very common for drivers to brake early when they hit a point on the track and allow other teams an easy pass but this needs to be avoided if you want to win. If you over brake then you lose down force meaning your car cannot push as hard as it might otherwise. It is also possible that you could hit an invisible line at some points in the track layout and be sent into a spin which could cause major damage to the teams vital components.