Australian Open Tennis – Vital Points to Note

The Australian Open is an extremely popular tennis tournament held every year during the last week of January in Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. The tournament is also the first of the four Grand Slam tournaments held each year, following the French Open, Wimbledon, And the US Open. A lot of players play this tournament because it is such a well known event in Australia – apart from the fact that it’s hosted by the country itself, it also attracts a large number of tourists who come to watch the action. Despite its popularity, it has been discussed and written about in the past about the possibility of an Australian Open competitor quitting mid-game, citing exhaustion as the reason.

There have been a number of reports on the Internet about players who have attributed to fatigue as the main reason they quit during the game. However, tennis experts say that there is absolutely no basis for such claim. The process of fatigue varies depending on the person playing the game, how much the person is exercising, and other factors. In essence, a player could be tired at any point in time, although not necessarily because of fatigue.

Another concern for many fans is whether or not the Grand slams will still feature players who have had major injuries, such as Serena Williams, who recently announced she would not be able to play at the Australian Open due to a foot injury. This is strictly a matter of opinion. Williams has been a longtime competitor in the game and is one of the more experienced competitors. If her decision affected her results, it would obviously have an impact on the outcome of her matches, but it would be unfair to infer that this would have a direct bearing on her win or loss.