A Quick Overview of the Australian Open Tennis

The Australian Open is an extremely prestigious tennis event held every year in January at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.. This is also the first major tournament to be held at the venue, which has also been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts from all around the world as well as the local population. The main competitors in the Australian Open are Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, Danubrinksi Kumar, Marin Tomasin and Andy Murray. This has become the most successful year for European grand slams in the past fifteen years, with the most amount of grand slam tournament results coming from the Aussies. The players who made it to the quarter finals included world number one Djokovic, US open finalist seed Tim Geiger, world number two Siman Marshall, world number three Grigorijo Kranjic and unseeded British number three Andy Murray.

The other major sports attractions in Melbourne are the Melbourne Cyber Club, the Melbourne Aquarium, Flinders street race, and even the footpaths that crisscross the city. The Melbourne Grand Prix is another major sporting event in Melbourne that attracts large number of sports fans. It is the only grand slam tournament that makes its home here. The race is held on a temporary track and is won by the first place finish. The other two races are run on a flat track.

After this major event, the Australian Open season starts with the qualifying tournaments. The qualification tournament for the slams is held every four years, with the qualifying tournaments being held in consecutive years. It is due to the high popularity of the event that there have been more than fifteen different tournaments for the grand slams, with the Melbourne event being the most prestigious. The last major event in the season is the Masters tournament. Qualification to the Masters is one of the toughest hurdles an individual has to clear, given the fact that it is almost a need to win the Masters in order to become eligible for the US Open or the Australian Open and if you do not win your first game in these two tournaments you will not be eligible to play in the main event.